Chasing Faeries

with Shalese Brynn



FtF#57: Closing the Gap

There’s a level of unfairness at play on this blog that I can no longer ignore. My #SoulfulSundays posts are always up to the minute about what’s going on with me. They are all in realtime. #FitnessFridays however, are always... Continue Reading →


FtF#54: Lost In Fit-Land

I’ve made no secret of the fact that my cheekily named fatty-to-fitty posts were all pretty old. Even the goal post is from a year ago now. Which kind of begs the question: where am I at now? That answer... Continue Reading →

An Interesting Dichotomy

In the beginning, Chasing Faeries was about two things that were very closely related: helping others understand who God really is so that they might enjoy the close relationship with him that I myself benefit from and following his calling... Continue Reading →

When Fatality Becomes Hope

  It’s been a long time. I know this. You may or may not know this, depends on how closely you follow the blog. 😉 The real question is why? Where have I been? When last you heard from me... Continue Reading →

I’m Not In This Alone

This is exhausting. I can only imagine how much more so it would be if we didn’t have God to sustain us. Rose handles the in-depth research. Reading all the boring business building articles that I can’t stomach and spoon... Continue Reading →

Why Don’t I Just Quit?

Why am I even trying? I ask myself that more often than I would care to acknowledge. Still, I keep at it. When the blog malfunctions, when my Twitter followers dwindle, when I stare at the screen for hours, paralyzed... Continue Reading →

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