Chasing Faeries

with Shalese Brynn



Broken Together

So I just stayed up all night after an exhausting day to clean. No, I haven’t gone mad. Not any more so than usual anyway. This was about something deeper than just clutter, and it was a battle I had... Continue Reading →


On The Defensive

Lady Gaga’s new CD came out this week. Joanne. It’s a wonderful gift from my maker 🙂 You all know I’ve been throwing down with the Devil recently, and that I’d even gotten fairly decent at it. Naturally, this means... Continue Reading →

FtF#57: Closing the Gap

There’s a level of unfairness at play on this blog that I can no longer ignore. My #SoulfulSundays posts are always up to the minute about what’s going on with me. They are all in realtime. #FitnessFridays however, are always... Continue Reading →

Momentary Peace

  A funny thing happens when you decide to fight back: The Devil redoubles his efforts. Attack is on the rise and the aim is even truer than it was before. Funnier still, it falls short this time. His taunts... Continue Reading →

Faith Based Badassery

I haven’t been sleeping well lately. It’s not uncommon for me to stay up late, as I am much more night owl than early bird, but this is different. This is that lovely kind of insomnia that leeches the joy... Continue Reading →

Fueling the Fire

  I think it’s time I give some credit where credit is due. One of the biggest turning points in my not being simply defeated by this recent revelation anymore was a post by Beauty Beyond Bones. If you’ve never... Continue Reading →

FtF#54: Lost In Fit-Land

I’ve made no secret of the fact that my cheekily named fatty-to-fitty posts were all pretty old. Even the goal post is from a year ago now. Which kind of begs the question: where am I at now? That answer... Continue Reading →

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