Chasing Faeries

with Shalese Brynn


Random Tidbits

Really just whatever I feel like writing about because reasons…

An Interesting Dichotomy

In the beginning, Chasing Faeries was about two things that were very closely related: helping others understand who God really is so that they might enjoy the close relationship with him that I myself benefit from and following his calling... Continue Reading →


When Fatality Becomes Hope

  It’s been a long time. I know this. You may or may not know this, depends on how closely you follow the blog. 😉 The real question is why? Where have I been? When last you heard from me... Continue Reading →

Faerie Standards

  Do you ever go to write a post and it’s just a hot mess? Like you know what you want to say, but absolutely none of it is coming out correctly? It’s ugly and unpleasant and makes me rather... Continue Reading →


Creativity is Never Convenient

Creativity is never convenient. Have you noticed that? When you sit down to work like a good little creator, nothing happens. You write, you doodle, you hum, the magic of the muse stays far away. All the discipline that got you in that seat in the first place leaves you and pretty soon you’re just playing on Pinterest. It’s awful.


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