Chasing Faeries

with Shalese Brynn


Building An Empire

As we work to follow the path set before us and fulfill the dreams God’s placed in our hearts, we will record all the trials and tribulations therein… herein :)

An Interesting Dichotomy

In the beginning, Chasing Faeries was about two things that were very closely related: helping others understand who God really is so that they might enjoy the close relationship with him that I myself benefit from and following his calling... Continue Reading →


When Fatality Becomes Hope

  It’s been a long time. I know this. You may or may not know this, depends on how closely you follow the blog. 😉 The real question is why? Where have I been? When last you heard from me... Continue Reading →

I’m Not In This Alone

This is exhausting. I can only imagine how much more so it would be if we didn’t have God to sustain us. Rose handles the in-depth research. Reading all the boring business building articles that I can’t stomach and spoon... Continue Reading →


Why Don’t I Just Quit?

Why am I even trying? I ask myself that more often than I would care to acknowledge. Still, I keep at it. When the blog malfunctions, when my Twitter followers dwindle, when I stare at the screen for hours, paralyzed... Continue Reading →


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