There’s a level of unfairness at play on this blog that I can no longer ignore. My #SoulfulSundays posts are always up to the minute about what’s going on with me. They are all in realtime. #FitnessFridays however, are always lagging behind. By a couple years at first, but now the gap is more like a couple months. I think it’s time we caught y’all up! It’s only fair after all 😉

I’ve been working with Michelle exclusively since I first met her, and I only manage to see her about once a week. Thankfully, as God has blessed me with the weirdest little body on the planet, that’s enough. I’m seeing lots of progress and all of it’s good! Hallelujah! My booty is high and just so in the firmness department, my arms are starting to loose that underside wiggle that so many of us struggle with, my legs are as slender and muscular as I would ever care for them to be, and even my middle is starting to whittle. I’m pretty pumped about all these things to be honest ^_^

Then comes the trouble. Between travel, work, school and other obligations, I haven’t been able to see Michelle in about 6 weeks. I’m not falling apart, and I do realize that I could work out on my own. But I won’t. I quite simply don’t have that in me. It takes a lot for me to workout without someone there to coach me through it. And I mostly hate it. So no.


It’s just a bummer is all. My booty has begun to droop just a little, and my middle is quickly losing the hint of muscle that had begun to form. This I do not like.


I should hopefully get to see her sometime next week, but until then, I think I’m going to have to add a little something extra for those times when we can’t work each other in. I refuse to even think about another trainer, so that pretty much leaves group classes. I hate group classes!

But I hate making myself work out even more. So I don’t really have a lot of options left here. I refuse to allow it to super suck though. Which means the classes will have to be nontraditional, as is most everything else I do. For this particular challenge, I’m thinking burlesque!


Yeah, just like that! I’m pretty stoked to try them out, and I’m sure they’ll leave me at a whole ‘nother level of sore. But I don’t care! I’ve always been kind of obsessed with these kinds of things, and I think we all know my husband will absolutely thank me one day😉

Until then,