A funny thing happens when you decide to fight back: The Devil redoubles his efforts. Attack is on the rise and the aim is even truer than it was before. Funnier still, it falls short this time. His taunts fall on deaf ears. Every obstacle seems surprisingly surmountable. Quite odd indeed…

Part of me knows this can’t last. We live in a fallen world and there’s nothing to be done about that until Jesus returns and sets everything right forevermore. But the rest of me wonders if this isn’t exactly how it’s meant to be. How we were meant to live life.


My life is far from perfect. There are promises I am still waiting to have fulfilled. Some true make or break moments that I know loom on my horizon. Still, I am unafraid.


I wonder if this is how Jesus felt. That strong, unshakeable conviction that lets you know Daddy has got you. This faith founded in solid steal. Diamond hard and just as lovely. So no matter what the dark one may throw your way, you’re ready for it. You can easily stand and fight against it. Every lie and falsehood is blatant to you. If it doesn’t match what God has told you to be true, then it is obviously not worth your time or worry.


It’s quite freeing. I highly recommend it. The only thing is, I have no idea how long I’m going to be able to maintain it. Sure, right now it’s easy. I’m riding high off a moment of beautiful victory. In a week though? Two weeks? A month? I don’t know. I’m not Jesus. And while I know that he’d supply me all I need to maintain this level of strength and certainty, I also know I won’t always be smart enough to take it.

It’s a matter of time really before my resolve weakens again. Before I let the betrayer back in to have his say. Waiting on a promise that concerns pretty much all the major areas of the rest of your life is not at all easy. Especially when it is so COMPLETELY out of your hands. But that’s where faith steps in. To mind the gap. To hold up hope.

Right now I’m riding high, but I know it won’t always be this way. The attacks have been too easily thwarted. The enemy doesn’t stay down for long. I know he’ll come for me again. All I can do is keep close to my allies and keep my weapons sharp. In the meantime though, I’m running like hell towards that greater promise.

Until then,