Remember how I told you it doesn’t take long for my body to respond to exercise? Well, I was neither kidding nor exaggerating. One sweat session later, my booty is high and round and that perfect (imo) extra-firm Jell-O like consistency. For this, I give God praise! My backside is my number one concern with my body. I don’t want a big bubble butt, and having one develop when I’m not paying enough attention is a very real fear of mine. But two perky, perfect, little half spheres? That I’m into!giphy004


These “gains” do not come without payment in kind however, and I don’t just mean sweating it out for an hour or so. I mean soreness. I’M SO SORE!!!! It’s kind of pathetic, but also rather expected as I am generally extraordinarily sedentary. I do so very love doing nothing.


Still, as I realize some of you may be in a similar boat, I think it’s time to share what I do to combat soreness. Because that whole “hurts so good” thing is for crazy people! It just plain hurts!


Step 1: STRETCH. No. Seriously. STRETCH! Like your life depends on it! Cause in some ways it does. Yes, it will hurt at first, but that pain is lessening the pain you feel each time you move/breathe. I think that’s a pretty stellar trade off.

Step 2: Epsom Salt! A bathtub full of comfortably hot water and a cup of this stuff is magic! No joke! Go give yourself a nice soak and see if you don’t feel better after. 🙃

The man has a point.

Step 3: Ice, but only sometimes… This one is tricky. I only really use it if I’ve overdone something and need to calm down the angry muscles and tendons that are all inflamed from my foolishness. :/ 20 minutes on, 30 minutes off, repeat until the agony subsides but ideally no more than 2-3 times in a single sitting, or so my Chiro tells me…

Step 4: Sleep it off 🙂 Who doesn’t love a good excuse to take a nap? I highly recommend a good nap after a lovely Epsom Salt soak. It’s heavenly 😌


Step 5: Stretch. Never stop stretching. It’s so good for your body and I can pretty much guarantee none of us are doing it enough. If we did, we’d be less sore in the first place… and generally healthier. There is no easier way to do something kind for your body, so no excuses on this one!


So that’s pretty much it. Sorry for getting this post out so late today, but its been a weird week. (More on that on Sunday.) I hope you guys have a great weekend! PLEASE share any tips you may have for dealing with soreness. Thanks guys!

Until next time,