I’ve mentioned from time to time that my body isn’t quite right, but in truth it’s something of a lemon. It’s not at all unusual for my doctor’s to say things like “you just have funky skin, metabolism, biochemistry, etc…” or “But you’re so young/just a baby!” This is by no means a complaint. I love my body 🙂 God blessed me abundantly, and I usually have few complaints.  I’ve learned to work with all my “funky” oddities and now they work together to make my life (and beauty routine) supremely easy and simple.

They even work in my favor when it comes to my weight and general health. For example: my body now REQUIRES sugar to stay trim. No joke. I eat a lot of refined sugar, and have for most of my life, and now whenever I cut it out completely, I gain weight. Now I know what you’re thinking: “it’s because you’re eating more calories trying to get that sugar fix elsewhere.” Nope! I was eating the same amount of calories as before, I just replaced sugar with things like vegetables and gained about 12-15 pounds in the course of about 30 days. Yeah… after the second time that happened, I’ve decided I’m never doing that again. Sugar stays. In moderation, of course, but it’s never to leave me again.

I suppose that’s almost fair when you think about the fact that I’ll never have cheese or ice cream or french bread or soy sauce again. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. All the food allergies I’ve developed in the last couple years have proved to be a total blessing, not a curse. For one thing, they’ve caused me to naturally regulate my calorie intake and therefor keep my weight in a healthy range without any kind of calorie counting or conscious effort really. But they are DEVELOPED allergies, which means I have an absolutely flawless idea of what I’m missing. Which is to say all my absolute favorite foods from my childhood and beyond. Now, for the most part, I’ve adapted. I can make cheese and soy sauce substitutes that taste like the real thing but are completely safe for me. They keep adding more and more to the market for people with food allergies and I’ve recently found a decent substitute for ice cream and french bread. They’ve got nothing on the originals, but they make me happy enough for now and hopeful for the future. 🙂

One area where things get a little less optimistic though, is my pelvis and lower spine. It’s severely messed up. This is the area where I frequently get the comments about being too young for this. I look like a young twenty-something, but I have the bones of an 80 year-old war veteran. Sexy, right? On the bright side, my bones are super strong and have never broken despite probable cause. On the down side are my bad knees, shoulders, pelvis, and lower back (and occasionally neck, but that’s more user error). My ankles and wrists are trying to decide if they want to get weird or not on me too. The wrists seem strongly in favor, but the ankles are holding up pretty okay so far.


With this litany of joint issues, almost all of which lead to intense nerve pain when aggravated, you can see why I’d be picky about my trainer and the types of exercise we do. (If you’ve never experienced nerve pain… may God’s love protect you from this always, my friend. I wish it on no one.) Enter Funktional Fitness. It was recommended to me by my amazing stretch therapist (if I don’t stay crazy loose and fairly limber, my muscles will pull my bones out of place and then everything falls apart! Lol) It’s a gym where they focus very intently on form and body/joint safety when performing exercises. Pretty much a Godsend right there, am I right?

When signing up for my intro session (where they have a personal trainer take you through every basic movement of what they do in classes to ensure you have perfect form and keep you from injuries), I was very, very picky. I read every bio on their website twice before making my decision. In the end, it was all about their vibe and where I felt God was leading me. As always, he didn’t steer me wrong. I choose Michelle, and she is an actual, total, complete Godsend.

Michelle has had a few surgeries because of her own joint issues, SO SHE GETS IT! It’s awesome! She listens to me and checks my form constantly to keep me from hurting myself. There are certain body cues that she has me keep mindful of so we keep my body from any kind of damage. I feel completely comfortable and at ease when working out with her, knowing I’ll never be put in danger for the sake of a few reps more or hitting a goal she wants for me. I am heard by her. Protected. And yet I still got one hell of a workout and I know I’m going to be so sore! Which is also awesome! I have a twisted love/hate relationship with being sore from working out. Mentally, I relish it! Physically, I’m content to lay there until the pain goes away. Lol

Among my body’s many oddities is its response to exercise. It’s nearly instantaneous. If I do squats, there will be a clearly visible difference by the next morning at the latest. I have no idea why it happens, I just know that it does. And that I could not even begin to be more grateful for it or thrilled by it. Again:


That being said, we’ll have to see just how long it takes for Michelle to get me to the picture of me I have in my head. I have a really bad habit of not sticking with these things at all. Like maybe two sessions/classes is my personal best. We’ll see if we make it past that this time.

Until then,