In the beginning, Chasing Faeries was about two things that were very closely related: helping others understand who God really is so that they might enjoy the close relationship with him that I myself benefit from and following his calling for my life by building a multimedia empire, or at least publishing a book or two. A good many of you decided to join us in this adventure, and we are thrilled and grateful to have you! But life left me with little time and even less desire to write, and so I republished my weightloss journey from about two years ago now. That brought with it many new followers, all with journeys of their own. We’re thrilled and happy to have you as well! It does, however, leave me with an interesting dichotomy concerning my topics to cover.

I want to do justice to both audiences, and keep the hope alive that soon enough you will all be one and the same. I think I’ve come up with a happy little solution. I will simply write for both topics separately for the time being. Now there will undoubtedly be some overlap. God is all over both journeys and I wouldn’t want it any other way. Plus one feeds into the other, which raises its own interesting questions about society and business and the views on women at large…but that’s it’s own discussion for another time.

My solution is this: #FitnessFridays and #SoulfulSundays. The names are pretty self explanatory, but I’ll break it down just in case you’re having one of those days. (We all get them. No judgement ;)) On Fitness Fridays, I will publish a post about my weightloss and fitness journey, keeping the “dear diary”/conversational tone that those posts have had all along. There may be some tips and tricks in there as well, so get excited! Haha. Soulful Sundays will be much more of a focus on my faith and all that I have learned and am still learning in that realm. It’ll also be an update of where I’m at with my struggles. That one may get downright juicy before the year is done, but we’ll see. After all, I’m not really the one writing that story.

Regardless of which day/topic suits your fancy, we’re just happy to have you here 🙂

Until then,