I’ve been getting a lot of compliments on my backside lately, and I agree with every one of them. My butt is my favorite piece of my body, second only to my brain. It’s cute and perky and I love the way it looks in jeans. Simply put, I love my butt. Given all the work I’ve put into it throughout my life, I damn well better.

As a child, when I was bored, I used to flex different muscles and hold it for different lengths of time. I was just experimenting with muscle control, seeing which ones I could control individually and which ones I had to use as a unit. It was the perfect form of silent entertainment as no one ever knew I was doing this. Since I was often bored during class and that forced, seated position aided me greatly, I often tensed and relaxed the various muscles in my glutes. By the time I was about 7 or 8, I had little buns of steel! So ridiculous were they that I could bounce myself along a hard surface just tensing and relaxing. Got pretty decent height too. 🙂

While I had not even the slightest inkling of this at the time, what I was doing was isometric exercises. I was laying the foundation for the lovely derrière that I know and love today. I was also unknowingly discovering the type of exercise that my body responds best too. There are many forms of exercise that I enjoy and that give me results over time: pilates, yoga, anything Jillian Michaels… But NOTHING gives me the instant lift that isometrics do. It tones and tightens like nothing else can.

I’ve been struggling to find the energy/time/motivation to workout lately. I’m excited if I manage to do it once a week. This though, THIS I can do laying down! Or sitting or standing or whenever and wherever. There’s no equipment needed (love that) and I don’t get all sweaty (love, love, LOVE that!) I can get a workout in sitting at my desk at work! This revolutionizes my fitness life! I’ve always known that isometrics worked well for me, but it wasn’t until today that I finally put two and two together and got 4. Tonight I did a few exercises and I’m already feeling tighter and a little sore. I wonder how I’ll look and feel in a few weeks…

Until then,