Happy… that’s putting it mildly. To date I have lost 20 pounds and am officially in the “normal weight” range of the BMI. 😝 It’s a particularly satisfying victory given the week I’ve had. One incident in particular comes to mind, but I promised myself I wouldn’t write about it until I could do it without venom; and I can’t yet accomplish this, so it waits for a future date. Regardless, this moment is pure, unsullied joy for me. 😊

As of yesterday, I started counting calories for the first time in this whole process. I wasn’t happy with the set back caused by the kidney infection or the plateau caused by my own folly. This seemed the next logical step in my progression. It seems my body’s reaction to it’s own hormones and the always unwelcome drugs prescribed by the doctor was playing a bigger role than I realized since I smashed straight through that plateau today!

Twenty pounds means that I am exactly halfway to my goal. The end is nearly in sight. The day is fast approaching where I will get to stop counting calories again, scale back my efforts to maintenance only. My plan is to simply keep eating as cleanly and portion controlled as I do right now. By then, my stomach shall have shrank even more and I’ll be even better at recognizing when it’s had enough. Being in tune with my body and self has always been my best bet at achieving anything, and I’m confident this will work for me. If it doesn’t, I can always re-Ignite and start the process all over again, though hopefully before I’m 40 pounds gone.

Everything in me is desirous of a celebration, but what exactly I want to do is beyond me. I don’t want to reward myself with food; that sets a bad precedent and is counterintuitive. The coffers are bare so buying some new clothes is out of the question… Though I have been longing for a new pair of workout pants for some time now, it will have to wait until I start getting paid by my new job. Perhaps a trip to the dollar theatre? Renting a movie could work too, but that always makes me want to eat trash food, so no.  Maybe I will just force myself to do the one thing that feeds my soul so totally but I still never make time for or allow myself to enjoy it: Create Art.

I have just begun a new program on Daily Burn (again), and the first workout left me a shaking puddle of goo on the floor. The second was much easier and, honestly, I hated it. Today was back in the saddle with my favorite trainer, Cody Storey, and I am once again a puddle of quaking goo, but this time, in a chair. Baby steps. 😉

Until then,