Normally I workout right after I eat breakfast. Today I did not. Today, I waited till the eleventh hour… literally. The pain of yesterday was just too fresh in my mind and I simply did not want to put my body through that again. Now I don’t fear pain, but only an idiot or a masochist welcomes it with open arms, and I am neither.

Today’s workout was the exact same one I did yesterday too, so I did not even have the fear of the unknown or the hope of it being less painful to comfort me. I knew exactly what I was in for. With the pain of yesterday still so freshly aching in my muscles, nothing about repeating the exact actions that put it there appealed to me. I did it anyway.

This isn’t about what I want to do. It’s about what I need to do to. What I want to do is go get another giant Cold Stone Treat and fill my face with it’s sugary goodness while couch potato-ing it up to some comedy special or another.  None of that is a good plan. All it will ultimately do is move me further away from what I truly want. So I did what I needed to do and ate cleanly and exercised to move myself inch-by-painful-inch closer to the thing I truly most desire: to reach my goals.

Learning the difference between what I want, what I need and what I truly desire has been a hard fought lesson. I’m glad I took the time and effort to engage in the battle though. The pain and suffering have well been worth it. Now one of my greatest desires is to always remember the lesson I’ve learned these past few weeks. To keep them always at the forefront of my mind and never loose sight of the struggle that will turn cream into butter and keep me from drowning.

Until then,


P.S. If you got that reference there at the end, I am damn impressed.