When I first began all this madness, my main focus was on cleaning up my diet. A very big deal as it was my biggest area of weakness and I was completely aware of the fact that I was basically trashing my body at every possible moment. Getting really sick as a result of this junky eating was a really solid wake up call too. Finding out exactly how close I was getting to eating myself to death, made the need for completely reforming my nutrition that much more pressing. Despite all the failings of my past, now was the time I would succeed. And I did, much to my surprise.

This isn’t to say I wasn’t exercising during this time, because I was; but it was not my main focus by a long shot. Being consistent with it, simply didn’t happen. Every few days was the best it was getting. Only so much will power, self discipline and self control to go around after all. I have an extensive past with various kinds of fitness though, so my body generally snaps to it fairly easily.

Keeping this in mind, I decided to do the True Beginner program from Daily Burn. Justin Rubin is the trainer on this one and he just shines with good intentions. He really, really wants you to feel welcome and able. His honest sincerity was a little more than I could handle with a straight face on occasion, but that didn’t mean he was a great trainer. When I bothered to do them, his workouts left me plenty sore the next day. Since this wasn’t my first rodeo, I had no problem skipping workouts and still being able to complete the more advanced ones later on. It was a good toe dip into the pool of endless suffering that is exercise to me.

Now begins the next leg of my journey: exercise. 😖 I am NOT excited, but I also easily recall feeling this same way a month ago about changing my diet. That turned out swimmingly and I am endlessly happy that I did it, so I can only hope to find the same holds true for this. Everyday dedication was necessary for my dietary changes to succeed, so I shall apply the same principle to my new workout regimen; and keep you all updated on the pain and progress each day of the way.

Having (technically) graduated from True Beginner, it was time to pick a new workout program. I’m sticking with Daily Burn simply because I love it. They have so much to offer for so little money, that now that they’ve provided me with all the tools I need to get my eating under control and reawakened my body to physical exertion, I have only to click a few different places to get started on this new leg of my journey with them. It’s kind of magical. Plus the options are ever-expanding and highly varied.

After careful consideration and thorough exploration, I chose Tactical Bodyweight Training with Cody Storey. No equipment needed is my favorite way to workout, and this is just that. That being said, all the other ways I exercised using only my own body in no way prepared me for this workout. SO MUCH OW. My legs were made of jiggly jello before the workout was even over, leaving me physically incapable of doing the last exercise. I have no idea how the people in the video weren’t just laying there dead at the end. Seriously. So. Much. OW!

Tomorrow should be an exceedingly painful day as I get to do it all over again before I get a two-day recovery period where I’ll still be working out, but in a kinder gentler fashion (read: yoga, which is still hard and still freakin’ hurts.) The two-day recovery period should have tipped me off. Anyone willing to give you that long without punishing you again is clearly out for blood round one. I have no doubts that I will get amazing results with this program, and it’s only 28 days long. Today was day 1, here’s hoping I can hold on for 27 more.

Until then,