I have found a legal form of crack, my friends, and I mean legal in every possible way. Unsweetened vanilla almond milk, cocoa powder and truvia throughly mixed together tastes just like a Frosty! So sweet and satisfying and crack-like to my food addicted mind. Mmmmm… Seriously though, this is a big deal only because it gives me a point-less treat to enjoy between all the naughty little things I get to have on occasion. Making self control just that much easier. ☺️

Onto the point of this post: Balance. As is (somewhat shoddily) documented on here, you all know I’ve been struggling with this phase of my Daily Burn nutrition program. I’ve discovered I need the tight reigns that the Ignite phase proffers. So I’ve decided to take them up once again. Eating clean at all times will be my way of life. I will allow myself a really decadent 10 point cheat once a month or so, and that’s it. That’s all I can handle and still stay on track; and I have come much too far to go rogue now.

Last night, after receiving confirmation that I did indeed land the semi-dream job I have been hunting for for months and months now, I did just that. My beautiful, generous roommate took me out for ice cream and I got the biggest one they had. Cake-batter ice cream with brownies from Cold Stone Creamery is my second favorite of all time, but now they have CHOCOLATE cake-batter ice cream. Decisions were hard, until they informed me I could do a bowl that was half of each. Naturally that’s exactly what I did, mixing butterfingers into my chocolate half. BEST DECISION EVER.

Looking back at my behavior last night, I have no regrets. I have eaten well and cleanly for days now, that one included. There isn’t any “points food” in the house, and I’m not suppressing any great need for sugar for the first time in forever. Sure, that decadent treat cost me all 10 points for the week, but that’s the point. It was a special occasion and I wanted to go all out, knowing I wouldn’t be allowing myself to do so again for quite some time. Probably not until October comes around.

After all the stress of trying to sort out how exactly to have Balance in my life, I am quite happy to have finally figured it out in a way that works for me. Moving forward I will no longer struggle with my diet and it’s guidelines. The relief I get from that is immeasurable.

Until then,


P.S. I do apologize about being so lax in my posting lately. There has simply been too much and not enough going on at one and the same time. I have settled on what I want to write about next in the From Fatty to Fitty series I’ve started on here though, so I should be getting back into the swing of things shortly. 🙂