After the cupcake fiasco of a couple days ago, I was seriously nervous to weigh in today. Much to my delighted surprise, I didn’t gain anything. I didn’t loose anymore either though. NOT the direction I need to be headed in. Though, circumstances considered, it’s definitely the lesser of the two evils. Breaking even was pretty much my best case scenario.

I learned some interesting things about myself in this process though. While I may have points at my disposal now, I need to be very careful how I use them. Never should I ever bring anything into the house that will cost me points and take more than one sitting to fully consume. Due entirely to the fact that my self control only stretches so far, and having it on hand inevitably finds it in my hand.

This is okay. Definitely not a worse case scenario. The only time I get a cupcake is to go out and buy just one from a bakery? Yeah, I can live with that. Same goes for ice cream and cookies and all my other favorite treats in that line. It’s the only way I can portion control myself. Maybe one day I’ll develop my self control to the level of iron clad, but it’s not terribly likely. 😉

Until then,