In May of this year (2014), a lot of really icky stuff happened in my life. The least of which was loosing my source of income. A series of unfortunate events that I won’t get into here is to blame. This left me in a new home with big plans to travel and finally follow God’s will for me with no income to speak of. Great…

I did what came naturally and prayed and planned and sought out every opportunity. The problem wasn’t that no one was biting, the problem was a lot of really good people were biting and interviewing me multiple times only to reject me in the end. It wasn’t even that the interviews didn’t go well. They went really, REALLY well. Which made it all the more confusing and irritating that I still didn’t have a job.

Now I was blessed with a wonderful roommate who is clearly God’s will for me, and she insists that we are a team in everything. Meaning that she doesn’t mind having to shoulder the financial load for awhile. It makes me feel crazy guilty though, and what’s more, I couldn’t understand why God was denying me something I so obviously needed. What gives, Lord?

Looking back, I can see exactly what gives. Hindsight is 20/20 and all that jazz after all. One, I was still smarting from the shitstorm that was my month of May. Two, I had travel plans with my family to go to Disneyland which is my second home and I hadn’t been in over a year and I really needed it! 😩 Three, if I started a new job, I would not have started this whole health and weigh loss journey OR I would have quit by now because it’s too hard to figure this stuff out and work at the same time. Plus temptation is too easy to come by out in the real world. Four, I was supposed to be writing a book since February, and circumstances had prevented me from having the time and energy so far. No job meant nothing but time and energy to write with and I’ve really hit my stride with this story in the last couple months.

Which brings me to now, standing on the precipice of employment with all those things behind me. May happened, but it no longer plagues my brain overmuch. In fact writing this is the most I’ve thought about it in weeks. All of my travel plans for the year are complete and were a blast! I’m doing better than I’ve ever done before on my weight loss journey and no longer finding it a struggle to turn down temptations. And that book I’m supposed to be writing? If I stay on the track I’m on now, it’ll be finished and ready for betas by my birthday in November. All in all, I can’t think of a better time for a job to be coming into my life, really.

Not to mention this job is exactly the job I wanted to get. Call center is a position I’ve wanted for a long time (I never claimed to be normal), and that’s exactly what this job is! It also has all the benefits I was looking for and an even higher rate of pay than I was hoping ($13+ an hour AFTER taxes… told you 13 was my favorite number.) Plus it’s within 15 minutes of my house which is my ideal commute time. AND the hours I would be working would give me every Friday and Saturday off, while having me there from 12:30-9:30 Sunday-Thursday; which leaves my mornings free to workout and write in, as I do now.

Sincerest apologies if I seem to be bragging, I’m really not, I’m just BEYOND excited and so grateful!!! Now if anyone needs me, I’ll be singing “God Is So Good” as I drift off to dreamland. 😘

Until then,