Today was not a good day. I did not eat above my limits, or use even a single point. Food was not my enemy this day. Nor was it my friend as the one meal I managed to get down kept trying to come right back up. Nothing makes me long for comfort food the way a bad day and not feeling well does. I’m not even sick; I just keep loosing my lunch by teaspoons with the odd hiccup here and there.

It’s not fun. I want cupcakes and brownies and french bread slathered in butter with a big, frosty glass of milk to wash it all down. I will allow myself to have none of these things. Emotional eating is self abuse I have come to realize, and life has been abusive enough today.

I think my laptop and I shall simply have to curl up for a very early night and be done with life for a while. Shutting out the world and wallowing for a bit sounds like exactly what I need. When nothing goes right and you can’t just use sugar, gluten and dairy to make it all better, a pity party is in order methinks.

Until then,