I haven’t exercised since my hormones post on day 10. My body simply wasn’t having it. So yesterday I started working out again. Then later in the evening a broken chair and my tendency to suck it up rather than complain in social situation had me balancing on one half of a chair. I had done legs and a tiny bit of core work earlier in the day. I DID NOT NEED THE ADDITIONAL GLUTE WORK.

Today has found me so sore that anything more than laying there immobile hurts. Sitting and standing motions bring swear words to my lips that I’d rather not utter. Shifting positions in a chair makes me want to cry just a little bit. Needless to say, I did not work out today.

I know it could potentially help, but I’m just unwilling to suffer through it. Tomorrow is core day and I shall make myself get back into then. But for today… not gonna happen.

Until then,