It seems fitting that the “Get To Know You” music video by IM5 would be released today as that’s what I’ve been doing the past couple days. Getting to know myself all over again. If not stretched by overeating or shrunk by starvation, they say your stomach is about the same size as both of your fists put together. They say the same thing about your brain, which to me just means that if the zombie apocalypse ever occurred we could all just eat our own brains and be perfectly full, but also dead dead… I digress…

For the past couple of weeks I haven’t had anything like my normal staples in food. I have completely cleansed my pallet. Now I’m reintroducing the healthy, “evil 6” free versions of these foods. It’s been a steep learning curve. Yesterday, I overate to the point of discomfort and not even on purpose. I was simply trying to eat all of what the recipe considered a proper portion. Problem is, my now normal-sized-for-me tummy is tiny! I have child sized hands, which means a child sized stomach, I suppose. Trying to pack in these “adult” portions just isn’t going to happen without me wrecking all I’ve achieved so far.

Learning to listen to my body, to know when it’s truly hungry, what it’s hungry for, to hear it when it’s telling me it’s had enough and I need to stop, that has been the greatest challenge so far. For the first time in years I’m experiencing real hunger again. I have finally learned to recognize that feeling when it comes. Now I’m trying do the same with fullness and “regular” food. These things taste a lot like what I used to gorge myself on. My brain recognizes this and tells me to do the same with the new version. I don’t care how healthy a taco you make, if you eat eight of them, you’ve overdone it.

Now eight isn’t the serving size for their taco recipe, it’s two. Turns out two is too many. I can comfortably fit about one and a half. Plus their filling makes enough for 3 since I don’t like my tacos that full to begin with. It’s all a bit overwhelming and annoying, but I’m figuring it out. Today was better than yesterday and tomorrow will be better still. I’m looking forward to that. 🙂

Until then,