This is exhausting. I can only imagine how much more so it would be if we didn’t have God to sustain us. Rose handles the in-depth research. Reading all the boring business building articles that I can’t stomach and spoon feeding me the info. I try to listen to everything she tells me, but really I only retain keywords and phrases. It works though.

Our system is slow and sometimes tedious. Requiring lots of computer time. I have spent far too many of the last 24 hours staring at a computer screen and the same will be true of the next 24.

It’s working though. Slowly. We’re building Chasing Faeries brick by boring brick. I wish it was glamorous. Or Easy. Or anything more in line with what I pictured in my mind. It’s not. It’s a business after all.

This is why I do content. My creative mind doesn’t allow for the tedium of the business world. It only sinks in so far and then I’m done. My eyes glaze over and I no longer care.

It’s who I am and why I’m grateful to have Rose. A fellow faerie.:) Her eyes don’t glaze over! She’s a Business major after all. Specializing in Entrepreneurship. Pretty perfect wouldn’t you say?

Until next time, darlings…

~Shalese Brynn💋

Ain't she purdy?
Ain’t she purdy?