I got 12 hours of sleep last night. TWELVE HOURS, PEOPLE! And it didn’t make a lick of difference in the end; day 2 of the 2014 Global Leadership Summit has left me totally wiped out once again. There’s just so much good information and motivation and so much I want to do with all of it that my brain just can’t quite handle it right now. So, once again, it’s about 6pm and I feel like going to bed for the night. But first, I must blog, as I have made a commitment to you all and I intend to keep it.

My church was the host site for the Summit and they did a wonderful job of it. Too wonderful in fact. They provide some seriously fantastic lunch options and break snacks. Being on the detox portion of my dietary lifestyle at the moment, I can’t have gluten, sugar, soy, artificial sweeteners, alcohol or dairy. I don’t miss soy, artificial sweeteners or alcohol because I don’t eat/drink them anyway. Sometimes I have some soy, but avoiding it is no great sacrifice for me. Now sugar, gluten and dairy are a whole other issue. I cannot begin to tell you the supreme degree to which I miss, long for and fantasize about those three ingredients. Growing up and to this day, I drank just as much milk as water and I only ever really drink milk or water. Cheese is a passion of mine. The love I have those two however, pales in comparison to my utter devotion to all manner of starch. Especially bread. If you told me all I get to eat is various types of bread for a year or longer, I’d actually be quite okay with it. Hell, I’d probably be thrilled beyond reason. For me bread and water is more like a happy meal than a punishment. And you already know how I feel about sugar.

My wonderful church, which I love and am normally so very blessed by, was trying to kill me. Not only did they offer fairly tempting lunch options that you could preorder, but they also brought in food trucks. REALLY GOOD FOOD TRUCKS. One of which served Tennessee style BBQ. Having spent my summer’s growing up in Tennessee, and being fed the miracle that is said BBQ, you will NEVER convince me that there is any better to be found on the planet. The other two food trucks both served different kind of hamburgers, one gourmet and one down home. My favorite meal by far and away is hamburgers! I was dying! But I made it. I was a good little girl and ate my diet/cleanse sanctioned meals and snacks that I brought with me.

Then the devil himself whispered to them. He was determined to finish me off. For the very last bit of food they would be offering us, as a final blow if you will, they had GELATO. If you’ve never had gelato, please stop reading this and go get some immediately! I will be here when you get back and you can thank me then. Unless you’re on a diet or something of the like, in which case you keep your ever shrinking backside right where it is, mister/missy! I LOVE gelato. It’s my favorite kind of ice cream which ties with brownies for my favorite sweet treat. All of which makes it my personal kryptonite, the thing most likely and able to put an ugly end to my days of beautiful follow through.

Good thing I’ve never been a Superman fan, huh? I’m a Batman girl through and through, hardcore and until the day I die. Batman doesn’t give a crap about kryptonite. He doesn’t even a comparable weakness, except maybe pretty women, but he is only human after all. After a quick prayer for strength and very nearly cussing loudly in and at my church, Batman came to mind and I realized that if I wanted to be successful here, I had to be more like him and not simply so completely in love with him. Jesus went 40 days without food, Batman doesn’t have a kryptonite and I can refuse the gelato.

I’m pretty proud of myself, admittedly. This was a HUGE win for me. That in no way cheapens the thrill I’m getting from planning what type of gelato I’m getting after this detox phase is over. It will blow all my “cheat points” and be totally worth it. I’m salivating a little right now just thinking of it…