An ancient picture of an unhappy girl I used to know.

Today was the first day of my latest adventure: weight loss. I would say that I want to get in shape, and that is a little true, but mostly I just want to loose the excess weight that’s slowing me down and displeasing me when I look in the mirror. Here’s what I’m not saying: I’m NOT saying I want to be thin/skinny/look like the models in the magazines. I’m NOT saying I want to become ripped/absolutely shredded. I’m also NOT saying that I just want to shed a few pounds to look better in a bikini. I AM saying that I want to look better to please myself and feel better in my skin.

My ideal body shape, the attainable inspiration for my goals, is Marilyn Monroe. Curvy, delicious, and never twiggy. She had a great rack and a nice derrière, and not a six pack in sight. There was a time in her too short life where she was a little heavier, and her younger years when she was a little thinner; but I’m talking about the happy medium between those two. The Marilyn that most likely comes to mind when you think of her. What she looked like at the height of her career.

I understand that doing this and making it a permanent change is going to take some work. This is hardly my first rodeo with these clowns, so I did some research on what’s currently available versus what I already have. I settled on Daily Burn and their nutrition system, Ignite. Boredom and frustration are my two worst enemies when it comes to this kind of thing, so something that’s always changing seems like a good idea. Ignite is simple enough that I can easily keep at it for life without crawling the walls and ripping my hair out trying to understand and follow it. This is what I think will work best for me, but you’re not me and your path may be different.

Chasing Faeries takes energy, confidence and stamina. Right now my extra middle wiggle is robbing me of all those things. So, as one should do with anything that isn’t the best for them, I’m getting rid of it. I’ll let you know how it all turns out. 🙂

~Shalese Brynn💋