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Now that’s what I’m talking about! 😉

Lust… It’s my favorite flavor of sin. Everybody has one. I think being aware of yours is always the best plan. The best defense is a good offense after all. When you know your biggest downfall, you can more easily fight and avoid it.

Now my use of the word lust may bring to your mind the “seven deadly sins.” You may even have heard it said that lust is “cardinal sin” (which just means its on that list of seven.) There are quite a few people who have shared with me the belief that to commit a cardinal sin is condemn one’s soul to the fires of hell for all eternity.

What is this… 1570? Is that really a thing people still think?

If so, let me be the apparent first to share the great news with you! There isn’t a sin that Jesus didn’t pay the price for! Accept him, and you’re saved! Quite literally, in fact.

Cardinal sins, aka the seven deadly sins, are often confused for being the same thing as a mortal sin. This is also incorrect. They are two totally different things. A mortal sin, is one that cannot be forgiven by God. It’s a sin that so damages your connection with him that all is lost. The seven deadly sins predate Catholicism, but mortal sins are pretty much all their doing as far as I can find. The term cardinal sin seems to have been made a favorite by them as well…

Here’s the thing though, the Bible and Jesus and God himself have all made it abundantly clear that nothing we can do can ever truly separate us from Him. No matter what your favorite flavor of sin is, God will still forgive you for it. Jesus has already died for it.

Does that make it okay? ABSOLUTELY NOT. This is something you and Jesus are going to have tackle on a daily basis, hand-in-hand, constantly. It’s a never-ending battle for your freedom. After all, Jesus came that we may have the best possible lives, and I’m quite certain those will not include addiction. He didn’t come that we would continue to be slaves, but to break our chains and give us the freedom to truly choose.

Now there will absolutely be times when you go back to those and re-shackle yourself. It just looks so delicious. And you miss the way it feels… Or so you think, until you’re in it, and you’re suffering and you can’t see a way out. Suddenly you realize what you’ve done and you cry out for Jesus to come and save you, yet again. And he does! That’s the grace thing at work yet again.

But fight! Fight with everything you have in you! Pick up and wield everything God’s put in your arsenal. Call on the Lord of Angel Armies to send some troops your way! Do everything you can think of to avoid slipping back into slavery again!

But know that if and when you do, Jesus will always come for you. You can never go where his love can’t reach you. It’s never too late. 🙂

Until next time,

~Shalese Brynn💋

P.S. Just for fun, what’s your favorite flavor of sin?