Hello Darlings and welcome to Chasing Faeries! What exactly is Chasing Faeries you ask? Well for that I thank you and ask that you’d allow me to explain. It’s rather complicated you see…

It started many years ago, when I was blessed enough to learn my calling in life at the age of 9. God spoke to me from within the pages of a novel and I knew I was going to make it into a movie one day. Entertainment, that was my calling. Writing. Telling stories. Helping people to find Him in unexpected ways through unlikely means. That is my calling. It started so simply. Just write the script. See the movie made. Calling fulfilled!

I often think that God allowed me to glimpse my calling in the simplest of ways because I would have been far too terrified to accept it had he shown me the entirety of what was expected of me. Truth be told, I’m terrified now. And He just keeps adding to the list. But that’s okay, because I have come a long way with Him since I was 9 year old girl reading in my Granny’s blue wingback chair. For example, I have no problem fully believing in the fact that God will provide and financially I know that he’s got me. I’ve left 3 good paying jobs at His request with no hesitation or fear. At least over the last one. Practice makes perfect after all. 😉

Writing. Telling stories. Helping people to find God in unexpected ways through unlikely means. That is my calling. But it’s not that simple. I don’t get to just write a script, make a movie and call it a good life. Nope. I have been tasked with so much more. So very many more stories to tell. A number of books to write. A few ideas to shake up the movie industry. Many, many thoughts and plans for a multi-media empire. My seemingly unique way of relating to and talking about God that makes my teaching methods about him blasphemous to some.

But that’s okay. He’s blessed me so thoroughly I have no room for complaint. A best friend and roommate who I lovingly refer to as my Hot Ginger Wife, and am now proud to call my business partner. Just enough friends to call my own loves. A beautiful car to take me away and a wonderful home to come back to. I know there will be even more to come. Hell, there’s so much more now! But this… This is more than enough. 🙂

So what is Chasing Faeries? It’s an invitation. I am personally inviting you to watch the building of an empire. To follow us on our adventures all over the business world and the real one. We’ll start small, of course, but we’ll grow, as if by magic. That is what I’m inviting you into. I want you to be a part of the magic. To share it with you. From God to Hollywood to home. I want you with me.

Forever yours,

~Shalese Brynn💋