Creativity is never convenient. Have you noticed that? When you sit down to work like a good little creator, nothing happens. You write, you doodle, you hum, the magic of the muse stays far away. All the discipline that got you in that seat in the first place leaves you and pretty soon you’re just playing on Pinterest.

It’s awful.

You did your part though. You put in the time for the day. Gave it an honest effort and did your best. It will wait for tomorrow, when you give it another go.

Except that it won’t.

Now that you are laying down your head to rest, trying desperately to empty it of all thoughts and just relax, the muse finds you. She wants to play. You want to sleep. As punishment for daring to try and defy her, she fills your head with endless ideas.

The perfect plot twist. The very best turn of phrase for that bit of dialogue. The exact melody you’ve been searching for. How to finally achieve that perfect shade of blue thats been so elusive these past weeks.

I do not know what you do in these moments, but I know what I do. I obey my mistress.

Out of bed and down the hall I go, to sit back at that same desk with the same purpose as I did at the much more reasonable hour earlier this same day. Hours may well pass as my fingers fly over the keyboard. But suddenly everything is gelling. It’s all coming together in exactly the way I always wished it would.

Sure, I won’t be able to see straight tomorrow I’ll be so tired, but that’s the price I pay.

We artists are near slaves to our muses, and when she wants to play it can be nearly impossible to resist her siren call. I almost never even bother anymore.

She’s a wily one, she is. Any tips on how to tame her?